We'd come up with a slogan, but you'll remember us for our pizza

Noralli’s Pizza

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We Love Happy, Hungry People

You’ve probably heard of friendships spinning off from shared interests and a variety of manias but for Spencer Nally, friends, and family, they have one revolving around lofty dreams, hungry people, and pizza. Sharing the same creative wavelength, it was just a matter of time before they decided to open Noralli’s Pizza.

It’s all about timing and making that leap of faith. When the perfect opportunity came, Spencer dove head-on to make their shared dream a reality. Today, Noralli’s Pizza is out to build a team around a culture that considers providing the best quality and customer service as the hallmarks of success.

Spencer’s Take

Not your run-of-the-mill interior designer eager to take the overused red-white-and-green-Italian route, Spencer goes in the opposite direction. You will see what we mean the moment you walk into our pizzeria’s rustic interiors. This is what more than 10 years of property management and construction experience adds to our pizza place dynamic.

That Irresistible Pizza Aroma

Whatever this family puts together, it shows in the way the Noralli's Pizza experience gets to you. Follow the smell of pizza or see your fingers dial that number. Come over to our Hagerstown, Maryland pizzeria or give us a call.